6 Questions for Michael James Levy

Coolest place you have ever been?

In the Caguas Mountains in Puerto Rico, waterfall climbing and zip-lining. It was one hell of an adventure.

How would people communicate in a perfect world?

In a perfect world, people would agree. What makes this world so amazingly, perfectly imperfect, is the fact that we are meant to disagree. This challenges us to find a greater perfection in our future.

If I was a genie and could give you your dream job, what and where would it be?

My dream job would be to shoot the cover of Vogue magazine and work with fashion editors on ideas that have been gestating for months. Sometimes, art goes by too fast. Some are lucky enough, and well off enough to allow their ideas to brew so that by the time it comes to fruition, it’s really got a lot of momentum in the brushstrokes.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

I’d prepare French Cassoulet Stoup. It’s not a soup, it’s not a stew, it’s a french stoup. It’s healthy, has leeks, carrots, onion with thyme, pepper, and garlic in a chicken broth, with chicken sausage in the pot. I make homemade croutons with butter and fresh parsley, alongside homemade bacon bits to top the soup. It tantalizes the senses and illuminates your palette.

What do you think about when you are alone in your car?

I think about what it means to be on my own. I think a lot about how, when I drive, I need to be ok with being on my own more and more, because it won’t be the last time. Since I’m such a social being, I’m generally one to look at moments of solitude as rarities, but as a traveling photographer, it’s common. I always think about the choice of being alone, and making the most of it, by working through life without another head by my side.

What is one misconception people have about you?

That I’m under 25 (I’m over 30 now, can you guess what age?). Strange thing to mention, right? I know I look young, and that’s sometimes a good thing. What surprises people is my leadership and drive on set. I’m very driven, and I’ve led groups my whole life. I love managing the mind trust. I think it’s great to feel and look young, no matter what age you are, but when I do walk on a set, sometimes the misconception is that a responsibility befalls upon those that look much older. I think our generation is starting to change that.


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