Access. Convenience. Privacy.

Ditch the cramped and inconvenient campus photo studios and join us at West St. Studios.


Studio staff are here to provide support and guidance, and our stockroom of strobes and lighting modifiers is available for you to rent.


Check the calendar online or sync with your desktop computer or mobile device; then schedule studio booking via email or an online form.


Our two studios allow you to collaborate, create, and shoot in a private studio away from other students and school faculty.


With our $995 Student Membership, you’ll get 50 hours of shooting time in either of our studios, scheduled as needed from 2 to 8 hours. Your hours never expire, and when you’ve used all 50 hours, you can purchase an additional block of 50 hours.We also offer a $595 Student Membership, which will get you 25 hours of shooting time with the same terms.

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