West St. Studios

A boutique facility
providing space + service
to photographers.
Straightforward Space
“The greatest ideas
are the simplest.”



Greenpoint Excerpt

67 West St.

67 West St. Excerpt

Ste. 411

Ste. 411 Excerpt

Studio B

Studio B Excerpt

Studio A

Studio A Project Text

We offer 2 shooting spaces; Studio A features a 16′ cyclorama + the larger Studio B features hardwood floors, natural light + space to build your own set.
“West St. Studios is a great comfortable studio in a secure location, with a very personalized feel provided by an accommodating staff + a respectable community of photographers.”
Reasonable Rates

Studios are available 24/7.


  • Bring your own lighting gear


  • 1 600ws Elinchrom monolight
  • 1 Elinchrom modifier of your choice
  • 2 PocketWizard transcievers


  • 2 600ws Elinchrom monolights
  • 2 Elinchrom modifiers of your choice
  • 3 PocketWizard transcievers


  • 3 600ws Elinchrom monolights
  • 3 Elinchrom modifiers of your choice
  • 4 PocketWizard transcievers

“I was looking for a studio I could reserve for a couple days a month + was really excited when I found West St. Studios with their membership deals. With the 2 studios available + such flexible hours, you can always work.”
Moderate Memberships

We also offer long-term membership plans.


  • 20 hours of studio rental
  • 12-month commitment


  • Unlimited studio rental time
  • 12-month commitment


  • Unlimited studio rental time
  • 2-month commitment

Choose a membership that fits your needs + your budget.
“I can do anything at West St. Studios. The cyc wall in Studio A is beautiful. The daylight in Studio B is also very lovely. I do my best work at West St. Studios.”
Cool Colleagues
Our members are awesome.
See for yourself.


When you join West St. Studios, you join a community of friendly, hard-working photographers that we are proud to serve.
“It was really a pleasure to work at West St. Studios. Thanks for all your help!”
Nifty Networking
We like you. Let’s be friends.


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“It was an amazing space + the staff made sure that my crew + I were comfortable + had everything we needed. I will be booking this studio whenever I’m in New York City.”
Lively Locale 

Greenpoint is our home…
+ our stop on the G train.

West St. Studios
67 West St.
Fl. 4, Ste. 411
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Call +1-347-676-1437

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